About Us

About Us

Receptionist-1InnoCare Health Corporation is a leading supplier of AEDs and related products and accessories across the United States.  We are a family-owned and operated company and we pride ourselves on our ability to combine the most competitive pricing with outstanding customer service.

Although we are a bricks and mortar company, we believe in and use the most up-to-date technology in our warehouse, on our website and to process orders.  Investment in technology, combined with large volume purchasing allows us to operate highly efficiently, and ultimately to provide you with products and services at the best prices.

While we believe that price is important, we provide our customers so much more, as we know that true success for our customers is in making sales and providing training that saves lives when cardiac arrest strikes.  Therefore, we also work closely with our customers to advise on the best possible AED or related product to suit particular needs.  This involves advising on the most appropriate AED to purchase, placement of units and training. 

What can InnoCare Health Corporation do for your business?

aed-warehouseAt InnoCare Health Corporation we constantly strive to provide our customers with the service and support enabling them to succeed.  We focus all of our attention and efforts on you, our customer, through our commitment to provide you with the products, knowledge and sales and marketing tools to grow and improve your business.

 We are loyal to our customers and we always aim to increase our customers’ profits and operating efficiencies.  We are able to achieve this because:


  • We spend time educating you regarding the right products to suit your individual customers’ needs
  • We hold inventory for you so you don’t have to
  • We ship the same day so you and your customers receive products quickly
  • We drop ship with your name appearing on our professionally packed boxes for no extra fee
  • We provide marketing and bid support
  • We expand our product offering regularly to meet our customers’ needs
  • We are a one-stop fulfillment source for all of your AED needs, making you appear more professional in your product knowledge and ability to deliver the right products when your customers need them

Please contact us at any time on 954-680-6030 for assistance.

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